Taxpayers’ Tab for Christie’s Foreign Trips Tops $120,000


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent foreign trips to the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada cost New Jersey taxpayers nearly $124,000, his office says.

The numbers, released Friday evening, cover security and security-related transportation expenses for each trip, as well as the expenses incurred by Christie’s official photographer.

While the trips have been billed as official trade missions to encourage investment in the state, they also provided Christie, a governor with little foreign policy experience, a chance to build his foreign policy resume as he considers a run for the Republican nomination for president. The trips included meetings and photo ops with world leaders as well as speeches.

Christie’s three-day trip to the United Kingdom in February was the most expensive of the three, costing taxpayers $62,653.19. A trip to Canada in early December 2014 cost taxpayers $29,800, while a trip to Mexico that September cost $21,822.06.