NJ Legislature Condemns Global Anti-Semitism


In response to growing anti-Semitic incidents around the world, the New Jersey state Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and “attempts to justify anti-Jewish hatred.”

“Jewish communities have faced millennia of violence, discrimination, religious-targeted terrorism and attempted genocide,” said Joseph Lagana (D-Passaic), one of the bill’s sponsors. “Here in New Jersey we are saying enough is enough when it comes to such indefensible prejudice.”

The statement, which passed unanimously, calls on residents to “prevent and report” acts of anti-Semitism. It pledges support for “expanded Holocaust education programs,” but does not earmark specific funds.

In recent weeks, several states have followed Illinois’s lead in passing legislation blocking government investment in companies that have embraced boycott of Israel, labeling it as a veiled anti-Semitism.

“It is unbelievable that in the year 2014, there are those who continue to deny the existence of the Holocaust in order to fan the flames of prejudice both in this country and abroad,” said Gary Schaer (D-Passaic), another sponsor. “This resolution will bring additional attention to the bigotry and hate that persists.”