Court Allows Parade in Muslim Quarter


The High Court on Monday cleared the way for the annual Yerushalayim Day parade to go through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, Haaretz reported.

While rejecting a petition against the planned route, the justices did so reluctantly, stipulating that police must arrest any participants who shout anti-Arab slogans.

“With a heavy heart, we reject the petition,” said Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, after viewing videos depicting anti-Arab chanting at previous parades.

Justice Isaac Amit said during the hearing that the “time has come for zero tolerance for ‘death to Arabs’ chants, a slogan that has flown under the radar. Zero tolerance, including detainment, arrest and indictment.”

Police commander Maj. Gen. Moshe Adery pledged to take a hard line with offenders.

“There will be balance in terms of freedom of movement,” said Adery, adding, “we will document, photograph, make arrests and hand files over to prosecutors. We denounce any and all racism and incitement, and are investing vast resources to ensure that the procession goes on peacefully.

The petition was filed by attorney Itay Mack on behalf of Ir Amim, and Tag Meir (“Spreading the Light”), a coalition of organizations that counter anti-Arab and anti-Muslim actions.