After Raanana, Missionaries Set Sights on Yerushalayim


After a missionary event in Raanana last Shabbos, anti-missionary activists and Knesset members are gearing up to block another such event in Yerushalayim on Shavuos, Arutz Sheva reported on Thursday.

The missionaries are planning a free, four-day program in the newly-built Orna Hall in the Malka complex in the capital, which seats 11,600.

According to anti-assimilation group Yad L’Achim, the theme of the event will be: How to improve the dissemination of the missionary message among Jews.

Last week, the missionaries won a legal victory over the municipality of Ranaana, as  the District Court overturned a lower-court ruling which would have prevented the outrage. Thousands of residents of the city joined in tefillos outside the building to protest the event.

This time, the Jewish community will not rely only on the courts.

A letter was sent to the directors of Orna Hall, protesting the plan, and Knesset members and others are organizing to have it canceled.

“If, Heaven forbid, our legitimate efforts to cancel the event will fail,” Yad L’Achim announced, “we do not negate the option of organizing public protests against the Orna complex, with all that the entails on the public level.”