Shemittah Fruits Unscathed By Hailstorm


The peach crop in the shemittah-observant Moshav Nili emerged unscathed from a hailstorm that severely damaged grapes and plums in neighboring fields just a few hundred feet away.

This remarkable story came to light when a representative of the Shemittah Council of Bnei Brak, under the direction of Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau, the Av Beis Din of the city, came for a routine inspection. The moshav, located on the northern coast, operates within the framework of Otzar Beis Din.

When he arrived at the moshav, the farmers greeted him with excitement: “Have a seat, we have a story to tell you…” They then proceeded to show him the difference between their crops and those of the adjacent town of Givat Ada — an entirely different scene.

The hailstorm occurred right after Pesach, on 23 Nisan, causing irreversible damage to the nearby orchards and vineyards. B’ezras Hashem, the peach plantings at Nili were ripening beautifully as if nothing had happened.

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