Carter Lays Wreath on Arafat’s Grave


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter laid a wreath on the grave of arch Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat in Ramallah over the weekend, and used his visit to blame Israel for the failure to make peace.

Carter, who met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, will not be meeting with Israeli leaders. The office of President Reuven Rivlin announced last week that, on the advice of the Foreign Ministry, he would not greet Carter, whose anti-Israel rhetoric has made him persona non grata.

Carter made clear the feeling was mutual during a conference in Ramallah, where he said that a meeting with Netanyahu would be “a waste of time. As long as he is in charge, there will be no two-state solution and therefore no Palestinian state.”

“I don’t believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu desires to have the same goal achieved that all American presidents and secretaries of state have advocated, and that is a two-state solution,” he said.

However, Carter did meet with a group of Israelis living in towns bordering Gaza and heard about what their life is like under the threat of rocket attacks and terrorist infiltrations from the Hamas-ruled enclave.