No Date Set for Cuomo’s Meeting On Email Purging


Six weeks ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo defused criticism of his administration’s practice of purging emails by calling for a meeting with top state officials to craft a new policy.

Now it appears the conversation ended there. No date for the meeting has been set and the top officials invited by Cuomo said they haven’t received any information from the governor’s office about a new policy.

“Not one of the people we’ve spoken to has heard anything, in writing or conveyed by phone, about scheduling a meeting,” said John Kaehny, executive director of the government accountability group Reinvent Albany. “There is nothing happening.”

In the meantime, Cuomo’s policy of purging most emails after 90 days continues. The practice concerned government watchdogs who said it was an affront to transparency.

Cuomo has said that the meeting would take place by April 1, or a month ago.