Cuomo’s Tax Return Shows $377K He Made From Memoir


Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recently published memoir pushed his income up to more than $550,000 last year, according to the Democratic governor’s tax returns.

The returns show Cuomo made just under $377,000 last year for the book, All Things Possible, published by HarperCollins in the fall. He also made nearly $169,000 as governor and had some income from investments.

The year before Cuomo earned $360,000, including an $188,333 advance on the book.

Cuomo reported $27,000 in charitable donations in 2014, split evenly between the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and HELP USA, a charity Cuomo founded for the homeless 30 years ago.

The governor’s federal tax bill was $155,193. He owed $6,916. His federal tax rate was just under 28 percent. As for state taxes, Cuomo paid $41,000 and can expect a refund of $3,212. He paid $8,250 in tax preparation fees.