Shin Bet Helped Prevent Purim Terror Attack

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

A Hamas terror attack on IDF soldiers planned for Purim was broken up by the Shin Bet security service, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The Shin Bet thwarted a shooting attack by a small Yerushalayim-based Hamas cell of two Palestinian men who both had spent time in Israeli prison, the security service said.

The suspects plotted to shoot soldiers on duty at a checkpoint just outside the capital during Purim celebrations last month. They practiced shooting, scouted a location for the attack in detail, and bought a getaway car they were going to burn afterward, to make it harder to track them down.

The investigation uncovered a Kalashnikov rifle, a 9-mm handgun and approximately 40 rounds in the men’s possession.

The head of the cell was identified as 25-year-old Ma’an Shaer, an employee at the Abu Dis University cafeteria. Originally from Burqa in the Shomron, Shaer served a two-year jail term in 2009 for planning similar operations.

His partner was Daud Adwan, a 32-year-old Hamas activist and resident of the town of al-Azariya.