Greenfield Funds $100,000 To Clean Streets


Councilman David G. Greenfield has collaborated with the DOE Fund to clean streets in his District. DOE Fund is a non-profit that provides homeless people with transitional work and housing, case management, life skills, educational assistance, occupational training and graduate services. The Men in Blue are cleaning 13th Avenue between 44th Street and 54th Street, 16th Avenue between 44th Street and 56th Street, Avenue M between McDonald Avenue and Ocean Parkway, Kings Highway between McDonald Avenue and Ocean Parkway, and Coney Island Avenue between Avenue M and Kings Highway.

“I am thrilled that this program is now in full force. As a Councilman, one of my most important focuses is in quality of life. Streets in our community are dirtier than ever. With this investment we are already seeing noticeable cleaner streets.  The DOE Fund’s incredible impact is twofold: beautifying our streets while also helping reduce unemployment,” said Councilman Greenfield.

Greenfield launched the effort known as NYC Cleanup securing over $3.5 million for the City Council’s 51 members to promote cleaner streets in their districts. Each member  receives funding for the organization of their choice to provide cleaning services.

“The “men in blue” of The Doe Fund are truly honored to serve the residents of District 44 and play a part in Councilmember Greenfield’s vision for cleaner, safer streets for all New Yorkers. Councilmember Greenfield has set the highest possible bar for what public service means: uplifting the quality of life in neighborhoods in his district and beyond, while offering the men in our program the opportunity of a lifetime — to work their way out of hardship and disadvantage and create better lives for themselves and their families,” said George McDonald, Founder and President of the DOE fund.