Regional Briefs – March 31, 2015

Customer Killed When SUV Crashes Into Great Neck Store

GREAT NECK, N.Y. – A customer was killed Monday when an SUV accidentally crashed into an AT&T storefront in Great Neck as she was waiting to be served, Newsday reported. The driver was pulling into a parking spot when she went through the store’s glass exterior, striking the woman.

Snow Showers Move Across NYC Metro Area

NEW YORK – The New York City area received a late March snowfall Monday, although there were no accumulations and the shower ended quickly, the National Weather Service reported.

Blaze Destroys Fire Chief’s Home Across From Fire Station

ROME, N.Y. – A wood stove is the possible cause of a blaze early Sunday that destroyed an assistant fire chief’s home located across the street from the city firehouse, The Associated Press reported. Leroy Nestle, his wife and one of his children who’s also a firefighter escaped, but their pets died.

Councilman Wants Recycled Concrete in Street Projects

NEW YORK – A Manhattan councilman wants 30 percent recycled concrete to be used in all new street pavings, the Daily News reported. Ben Kallos’s bill allows the city to waive the requirement if there isn’t enough recycled material available.

Speed Camera Tickets Bring $17M in Revenue for NYC

NEW YORK – Speed cameras have produced a surge in tickets and generated nearly $17 million for New York City, the Daily News reported. More than 445,000 tickets from 49 cameras were issued in 2014, compared to 118,000 issued manually. This year, the city has 57 cameras, to be upped to 140 by the end of the year.

Coney Island Roller Coaster Mishap Briefly Strands Riders

CONEY ISLAND – A roller coaster at Coney Island’s Luna Park got stuck on Sunday, the first day of the season, leaving 24 passengers briefly stranded, the Daily News reported. Passengers were readying for the initial drop during the Cyclone’s first run when it suddenly stopped. It isn’t clear when the ride would reopen.