Regional Briefs – March 26, 2015

Pulaski Skyway to Close On Weekends During Spring

JERSEY CITY – Motorists who use the Pulaski Skyway will need to find alternate routes starting this weekend, when the 83-year-old span bridging Newark and Jersey City will be closed for the next eight weekends, from 9 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Monday. The $1 billion project extends the life of the bridge by 75 years.

Hunterdon Ranked as New Jersey’s Healthiest County

PRINCETON, N.J. – Hunterdon is New Jersey’s healthiest county and Cumberland the least healthy in a survey based on education, housing, violent crime, jobs, diet and exercise, The Associated Press reported. Ocean County, home to Lakewood, is No. 8.

Long Island Man Bitten By Pet Rattlesnake

NEW YORK – A Long Island man is recovering but will likely suffer permanent injuries after being bitten by a pet rattlesnake Tuesday, Newsday reported. The 22-year-old managed to put the 2-foot western diamondback back in its enclosure before passing out. He regained consciousness hours later and called 911.

Agency Defends Shooting Of Town’s ‘Aggressive’ Deer

CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. – State environmental officials are defending their decision Monday to kill an aggressive deer, The Associated Press reported. The deer was bumping into children at a bus stop, and kicked at officers who tried to corral it, raising concerns it was rabid.

NYC Council Program Has Kept 13 Minors From Deportation

NEW YORK – The New York City Council kept 13 illegal immigrant minors from deportion over the first six months of a $1.9 million program, paid for half by taxpayers and half privately, a Council report said Tuesday. Out of 424 cases screened, family court allowed 13 to remain and another 22 are pending.

Report: NYC Public Libraries In Poor Physical Shape

NEW YORK – The infrastructure of the city’s three public library systems is in bad shape, according to a report, which says about $1.1 billion is needed to fix things like broken air-conditioning, windows and elevators, the Wall Street Journal reported.