Feel Good Tale: Man Gets Lottery in Get-Well Card, Wins $7 Million


A Pennsylvania man recovering from surgery has won $7 million off a lottery ticket tucked into his get-well card by his father, a Rockland County resident.

Joseph Amorese had just undergone hernia surgery. A few scratches later on the “$7 million Golden Ticket,” and he was feeling great.

“I scratched the ticket and it was a good thing I was already sitting down because I was shocked. I was — and still am — in complete disbelief,” the beaming winner recalled Wednesday. “I had surgery so I didn’t jump up and down, but in my mind I was jumping up and down.”

New York lottery officials presented Amorese with a large ceremonial check for winning the “$7,000,000 Golden Ticket” game. The chances of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 3,708,000.

“All the pain I felt, I did not feel for at least a couple of days.” Ambrose said.

Amorese sent a photo of the ticket to his dad, who agreed that it was a winner. The father purchased it at a dollar store in New City.

The 46-year-old Verizon employee then called his wife, Jodi, a social worker. “‘I think we won $7 million,’” he said he told her. “And there was silence on the other end for a long time. She was too stunned to talk.”

The new multimillionaire and his wife plan to keep their jobs.