Regional Briefs – March 24, 2015

N.Y. Chief Judge Moderates Talk With 5 Colleagues

ALBANY – New York’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, moderated a gathering Monday night with the chief judges from Vermont, Maryland, Iowa and Oregon on how they select cases to review, The Associated Press reported. Other topics include how states choose judges and how much deference they give to U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

37,000 Families Sign Up For Pre-K in First Week

NEW YORK – More than 37,000 families have signed up for New York City’s free pre-K program in the first week of enrollment, accounting for half the administration’s goal of 70,000, the Daily News reported. This is double the 16,000 enrollees during the same period last year.

Police Chief: Cop Who Fatally Shot Suspect Is a Hero

YAPHANK, N.Y. – A Suffolk police chief on Monday called an officer a hero for killing a man who was trying to steal a vehicle with children in it, The Associated Press reported. The cop chased Denzel Brown after he robbed a store and tried escaping in a car with two toddlers in the back.

2 Boys Spent Frigid Night On NY’s Highest Peak

KEENE, N.Y. – Two children who got lost while hiking with their mother to the top of New York’s highest peak and spent a frigid night stranded on Mount Marcy remain hospitalized Monday, The Associated Press reported. Ning Cai said her sons, ages 7 and 11, will be released this week.

NYC Takes Aim at Predatory Used-Car Loans 

NEW YORK – The Consumer Affairs department announced Monday a plan to curb predatory used-car lending in New York City, with a goal to link buyers to reputable lenders. Institutions that participate must agree to consumer-friendly terms and offer interest rates lower than New York’s usury rate of 16 percent.

Plunge in Milk Prices Stresses NY Dairy Farmers

WEST CHARLTON, N.Y. – Milk prices, at record highs in 2014, have abruptly plunged this winter, slamming the region’s 5,000 dairy farmers, The Associated Press reported. Prices that exceeded $24 per 9 gallons in 2014 dropped into the $15 range. Prices hit a low of $12 in 2009.