Netanyahu Not Giving Up on Kahlon


Just a day after Moshe Kahlon scorned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s offer to make him Finance minister, he continued to make overtures to the popular former minister to join his coalition.

Netanyahu this time responded to Kahlon’s accusation, admitting that he had broken his promise to appoint him head of the Israel Lands Authority (ILA) after the last election in 2013, but saying that he had no choice at the time.

“At the time, I did not stand by my promise to appoint Kahlon chairman of the Israel Land Authority because I had insufficient Knesset seats and Bennett and his party insisted on receiving this post. I hope that you will vote for me and that this time around I will be able to keep the promise,” Netanyahu said on Monday.

Netanyahu said that he wants to enlist Kahlon in his future efforts to ease the financial hardships pressing on the average Israeli.

“I have no agreement with Kahlon, but I will be able to work with him as minister of Finance and together we will be able to reduce the cost of living and housing prices, as we did to mobile telephone prices in the outgoing government,” Netanyahu stated.