Crackdown on Palestinian Rioters In Yerushalayim Criticized

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) —


A crackdown by the municipality on Palestinian rioters in eastern Yerushalayim has given rise to charges of illegal blacklisting, according to media reports.

City workers have been instructed to check names and ID numbers they come across to see if they appear on a police list of participants in last year’s violent protests, Haaretz said on Tuesday. Those whose names appear on the list are to undergo a review of their tax records, building permits and business licenses. The National Insurance Institute and the Interior Ministry are also using the lists to target rioters.

Sami Arshid, an attorney who often represents local Arabs, explained his objection to the practice.

“If someone commits a traffic violation, you take him to traffic court. You can’t punish him in some other place. That is the use of administrative law for extraneous considerations. It is collective punishment that is against the spirit of justice,” Arshid said.

City officials defended the new regime as a legal and necessary method to restoring law and order in the wake of repeating rioting and terrorist attacks.

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