De Blasio Suggests His Relationship With Police Improved


Mayor Bill de Blasio is once again explaining his remarks about his biracial son and interactions with officers, saying they weren’t disrespectful to police.

De Blasio said Monday night in an interview that the comments about telling his son to be careful around police referred to a part of history that still hasn’t been “worked out.”

“It wasn’t a new thing,” he said. “A young man of color today needs to have that conversation in his family. It’s something that everyone knows. And it’s not a comment that’s disrespectful to the police. We deeply respect our police, we need our police to protect us. But it’s a comment that refers to our history and some things we still haven’t worked out.”

“That’s the reality,” de Blasio said.

The remarks infuriated police unions who blasted the mayor as anti-police.

During the interview, de Blasio suggested his relationship with police had improved.

“A lot of work went into everyone finding a way to get onto a better page,” the mayor said.