A Dangerous Illusion

At this tension-fraught time, when Jews throughout the world face grave threats on many fronts, we are all obligated to do whatever possible to try to find a common denominator, and fortify the achdus of Klal Yisrael.

All those who engage in efforts – whether spiritual or physical – in trying to help protect the lives of Jews deserve our support and gratitude, especially those who endanger their own lives and undertake the requisite hishtadlus to try to defend their brethren.

In the same vein, whoever seeks to speak of the plight of the Jewish people, and raise awareness of the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran, deserves to be commended.

Most of the points raised by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were not only valid, but crucial.

However, we must emphasize that Netanyahu was sorely mistaken on one fundamental claim.

The notion that now that it has a sovereign state of its own, somehow the Jewish people is safer than before, is a dangerous illusion on a practical level. Furthermore, as believing Jews we know  that klal Yisrael’s destiny is not only guided by Hakodesh Baruch Hu, but as history proved, is different than all other nations. 

We never had, nor will we ever have, the ability to forge our own destiny or protect ourselves only through our hishtadlus. Our fates are solely in the Hands of Hakodesh Baruch Hu.

As we enter the lofty and miraculous days of Purim, let us beseech the Shomer Yisrael to protect Am Yisrael wherever they are from all harm.  

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