Delta Upgrading In-Flight Wi-Fi

ATLANTA (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS) -

Delta Air Lines said it is expanding wi-fi coverage to flights to Latin America and the Caribbean and upgrading its existing in-flight wi-fi service.

The Atlanta-based airline will put satellite-based wi-fi on planes that fly long domestic routes and on planes that fly to Latin America and the Caribbean starting in 2016. It will also upgrade the technology on air-to-ground wi-fi systems on planes that fly short domestic routes.

Delta first launched its satellite-based wi-fi service last year on routes to Asia, and now has the technology on a third of its long-haul international planes. The installation has taken longer than expected, and Delta now expects to complete 85 percent of that fleet by the end of this year.

The carrier sells 24-hour in-flight wi-fi passes on its website for $16, while pricing varies when paying for wi-fi on board.