Energizer Releases New Name for Spinoff Company: Edgewell

ST. LOUIS (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS) -

After Energizer spins off its battery and personal-care businesses this year, the shaving-products and sunscreen company will operate as Edgewell Personal Care and the battery business will retain the Energizer name and logo.

Energizer Holdings, based outside St. Louis, announced plans for the split in April 2014 but had not yet released information about the corporate names. The split is expected to occur by July 1.

Once the spinoff is complete, Edgewell Personal Care will use the stock symbol EPC on the New York Stock Exchange, while Energizer Holdings will retain ENR.

The ‘edge’ in Edgewell comes from the company’s Edge shaving-preparation products and its desire to be on the leading edge of innovation, the company said Friday. The word ‘well’ for the company’s personal-care portfolio of products denotes well-being and its commitment to well-made products, Energizer said. Its other personal-care-product brands include Playtex, Stayfree, Diaper Genie, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic.

“Together, these words form the perfect name for our new company: Edgewell Personal Care, the innovative challenger in the world of personal care products,” David Hatfield, Chief Executive Officer of Energizer’s Personal Care Division, said in a statement.

Edgewell’s logo includes a hummingbird symbol in aqua blue.