Islamic State Claims Capture of Arab Mossad Spy

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed on Thursday that it had captured an Israeli Arab from Yerushalayim whom they accused of spying for the Mossad, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The unconfirmed story would mark the first time the terrorist army has issued such an allegation, although a number of Israeli Arabs have illegally entered Syria via Turkey and then joined ISIS.

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) estimates that there are a few dozen Israelis currently on the battlefields in Syria and Iraq. A few of them defected from ISIS or for other reasons returned to Israel and were prosecuted and given prison terms. One or two Israeli Arabs have reportedly been killed in the fighting.

According to the English-language ISIS magazine, Dabiq, the name of the Mossad spy is Said Ismahil Muslam. He is 19 years old and said that he had been recruited by his Jewish neighbor, a police officer, to gather information about ISIS weapons stockpiles.

“He came to me one day and asked if I want to work for Israeli intelligence,” confessed Muslam in what was presented as an interview. He said he was promised “plenty of money.”

The report did not say what the fate of the accused man would be.