PA Intel Fingered Hamas Targets for IDF

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Another crack in the façade of Palestinian unity showed on Thursday, as Hamas accused Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority of aiding the enemy by supplying the IDF with nearly 30 percent of its targets Operation Protective Edge, The Times of Israel reported.

Hamas official Salah Bardawil told the group’s daily Al-Resalah that intelligence agencies loyal to Abbas gave information to Israel about Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites in the Khaza’ah and central regions of the Gaza Strip which led numerous casualties.

“According to confessions of those involved with the General Intelligence Agency, the agency assisted [Israel] in creating some 29% of the target bank during the last war,” Bardawil was quoted as saying. He added that 82% of those targets were in fact hit by the IDF.

Earlier this week, Bardawil claimed that Hamas was in possession of documents proving General Intelligence’s collaboration with Israel obtained by captured agents.

“The technology used by these agents of the General Intelligence Agency to send information to [Israel] is very advanced, and closely resembles the technology used by [Israel],” Bardawil said. “This indicates the level of coordination between the two sides.”

Muhammad Al-Madani, a Fatah official overseeing coordination between the Palestinian Authority presidency and Israel, declined to comment, saying only that “the [PA] authorities have preferred not to answer this.”