Escape the Winter Blues

As the tri-state area has been dumped with yet another snowstorm, sunny skies and warmer temperatures seem a far-off dream. For many, though, escaping the harsh Northeast winter for balmier climates is a welcome retreat from the humdrum routine and brutal cold of the long winter months. Aside from the refreshing change in climate, research has proven that short vacations can have long-term effects on productivity and provide a great way to rejuvenate and recharge.

“All winter long I look forward to my annual winter vacation to South Florida,” says Yechiel Pasternack*. “And once I’m there, the sun and ocean breeze definitely are a welcome break from shoveling snow and scraping ice off my car. It really refreshes me and gives me the extra energy to return to my daily routine and face the rest of the long winter with optimism and vitality.”

Vacations and getaways are not only reserved for the winter months. For those whose idea of a getaway is to attend a hotel or resort for Pesach, plans and reservations are in full swing at most venues. Tickets to Israel to visit Miron for Lag BaOmer are already being booked. Though summer is five months away, summer programs and organized tours to destinations around the globe are already filling up.

Vacations need not mean expensive plane tickets, lavish resorts, and gourmet meals; there are many available options to suit the traveler on a budget.

To that end, Hamodia is publishing its highly-acclaimed Hamodia Travel Supplement. This year’s supplement will address a wide range of travel-related topics and will serve as a user-friendly vacation and travel guide on a host of topics. It will contain features highlighting travel tips, national and international travel, vacation sources, and various places of interest. The Hamodia Travel Supplement is certain to be a sought after resource for seasoned, high-end, and budget conscious travelers alike.

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