Details of the Horrific Ordeal At Hyper Cacher

An eyewitness related that as soon as the terrorist came into the store, he shot a cashier and two shoppers. The gunman shot towards a second cashier, but missed, sparing her life. When shots continued she ducked to the floor and continued to successfully dodge the bullets.

The assailant then stopped shooting and told her to get up saying, “I see you want to live,” then ordering her to close the store.

As she was locking the door, a man came insisting that she let him in so that he could buy challah for Shabbos. The cashier tried to hint to him the imminent danger, but the fellow was determined to enter. He forced his way in and was immediately shot and killed by the terrorist.

Later in the ordeal the gunman asked the same cashier to make a sandwich for him. She complied and was then asked to bring the other hostages up from the downstairs room they were being held in.

While downstairs, she contacted her parents, letting them know that she was okay. The cashier brought some people upstairs, leaving most of the others safely in the storage room on the lower level.

The terrorist then began placing explosives around the store and began to pray.

Just then, police stormed in and ended the nightmare.