BREAKING: Hostage-Taking in Paris Kosher Supermarket Unfolding; 2nd Hostage Situation North of Paris

 PARIS, France – As hundreds of French police and counter-terror forces converged on an industrial area north of Paris, a second hostage situation is unfolding in Vincennes – at the eastern edge of Paris – at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket.
Both situations are in the midst of unfolding and the details are changing and still murky, but here’s what officials are reporting so far:

Hostage Situation #1

  • Police have identified two more terror suspects believed to be part of the Kouachi brothers terror cell, as of now that have taken 11 hostages at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Vincennes.
  • According to the police a link between the two hostage situations has been identified.
  • Police officials report that two people have been killed at the scene. Still unconfirmed.
  • 11 hostages believed to be held within the supermarket are all Jewish women and children.
  • Though unconfirmed, French Jewish social networks are reporting the names of the hostages as:
    • Mordechai ben Sarah
    • Yoseph Sibony
    • Dominique bas Sarah
    • Yohan Cohen
    • Sarah bas Louna
    • Noa bas Sarah
    • Zari bas Suzanne
    • Esther bas Bnina
    • Nina Noemie bas Joëlle
    • Sandy Charabi bas Brigitte
    • Sandrine Esther bas Blanche
Hostage Situation #2
  • The two Charlie Hebdo terror suspects are holed up in a printing press with at least one hostage. They were spotted by helicopters equipped with heat sensors.
  • A French senior police officer following the negotiations has said of the Kouachi brothers “they wanted to die as martyrs. They are behaving like two determined terrorists who are certainly physically exhausted, but who want to escape with one last big show of force and heroic resistance. They feel trapped and know that their last hours have come.”