Three Arabs Convicted in Plan to Launch Terror Attack In Bayit Vegan

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Three Arab residents of Yerushalayim who planned to carry out a terror attack at the Nof Yerushalayim wedding hall in Bayit Vegan were convicted on Tuesday by the District Court.

The three, Anas Awisat, Basel Abidat and Ahmed Sorou, planned to dress up as chareidim, enter the hall pretending to be guests, and open fire on everyone inside.

They chose Nof Yerushalayim because Awisat had worked there in the past and said that events there usually include over 1,000 people

They purchased weapons, including two small machine guns and an Uzi, from a Palestinian Arab arms dealer for $50,000.

They were convicted with conspiracy to commit a felony in aid of an enemy during war.