Mrs. Miriam Fastag, a”h

BROOKLYN (Hamodia Staff) -

Mrs. Miriam Fastag passed away on Monday after a brief illness. She was born in 1914 in Parboka, Poland, near Sosnowiecz, the eleventh of twelve children, and lived a long life, turning 100 this past June.

In Poland, she was a student of Mrs. Sarah Schenirer, a”h, and she was also one of the first teachers trained by Mrs. Schenirer.

During the war, Miriam Fastag’s  selflessness and strong faith were further evidence of the influence of her training.

Later in her life, she wrote a book — Mengele’s 301st — telling how, after Mengele chose 300 girls for a task that saved their lives, he came back and added her to the group, “so there will be 301,” thereby saving her life as well.

After the war’s end, she was one of the founders of the Bobover Cheder in Crown Heights, and was always involved in the ladies’ auxiliary of  Bobov. She later dedicated herself to the Gerrer Mesivta in Boro Park.

Her marriage to Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Fastag, z”l, took place in 1948, the same year they arrived in the United States. Rabbi Fastag was well-known for his committment to Toran and to Chassidus.

Mrs. Fastag’s energy for chessed was an essential part of her life.  Until she was 95, she was involved in bikur cholim, feeding children who were patients at Maimonides Hospital.

The levayah took place Monday at Shomrei Hachomos Chapel in Brooklyn. Kevurah in Eretz Yisrael will be to Har Hazeisim.

She had three sons. Reb Berl, z”l, was niftar a few years ago. She is survived by two sons, Mr. Chaim Shlomo Fastag, who lives in Israel, and Rabbi Elimelech Fastag; and also by grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

Yehi zichra baruch .