Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found on Shul and Homes in Chicago

Residents of Chicago’s West Rogers Park were disturbed to find a stream of anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed on a shul and several garages in a neighborhood which is home to a large Orthodox population.

“People are being vigilant and the police and community watch have increased their presence,” said a community askan who asked not to be named. “There is a good deal of anti-Semitism in the Midwest, but we think this is probably a lone troublemaker and not some anti-Jewish plot.”

The city responded quickly and removed all graffiti soon after the incident was reported.

Officer Thomas Sweeney, news affairs officer for the Chicago Police department, told Hamodia that the damage occurred overnight and that the Chicago Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit is currently investigating.

The graffiti, which included anti-Semitic slurs and vulgarities, was discovered on the back of Khal Ateres Yehoshua-Zitichov, as well as roughly 10 private garages.

“We are happy to work with the police department on this,” said the askan. “They have been very supportive in the past and have a solid relationship with the community.”