Britain Lines Up With U.S. Against Palestinian Resolution


Britain lined up with the United States on Tuesday, saying it could not support the U.N. Security Council Resolution for Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines by 2017.

When asked by reporters if his country would vote for the proposal, British U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said, “Well no. There’s some difficulties with the text, particularly language on time scales, new language on refugees. So I think we would have some difficulties.”

He would not be drawn, however, on whether the UK would use its veto.

Jordan on Tuesday submitted its draft resolution to the Council on behalf of the  Palestinians, who said they want members to vote on it as early as Tuesday evening.

Diplomatic sources have been saying that it would be unlikely to pass in an early vote, given the opposition of the U.S. and reluctance on the part of some European countries. A veto would probably not be necessary, in the absence of support from nine of the council’s 15 members.

However, representatives of the 22 Arab countries who had voted to back the resolution claimed on Tuesday night that they had the needed nine votes. France and Luxemburg were persuaded to vote in favor, they said, filling out the majority.