Israel Returns Bodies of Har Nof Terrorists

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) —

The Israeli government on Thursday returned the bodies of the two Palestinian terrorists who carried out the recent massacre in Har Nof, The Jerusalem Post reported.

A court order denied cousins Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal of Jabel Mukaber burial rights in Yerushalayim, and attendance at funerals in the village of Arab a-Saharra were restricted to only 40 people, according to Palestinian media reports.

The Almagor Terror Victims’ Association condemned what it called the “astonishing step” taken by the Israeli government.

Almagor said in a statement that the government should have at least followed the U.S.’s decision to throw the body of terrorist Osama Bin Laden into the sea, instead of covertly holding a funeral, as was done overnight.

“Tonight we discovered again the government’s weakness and inability to stand up to terrorism, to take measures and fight criminal murder as bad as the incident in the Har Nof synagogue,” Almagor stated.

Two days after the attack, the mother of Uday Abu Jamal was seen in a video praising her son and his cousin for their bestial acts, Israel media reported.

The wife and three children of Ghassan Muhammad Abu Jamal were stripped of their state-sponsored health-care benefits after the Israeli government announced it would deport the killer’s family and demolish their home.

The five victims of the Har Nof killings were: Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky Hy”d, 43, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg Hy”d, 68, Rabbi Kalman Ze’ev Levine, Hy”d, 55, Rabbi Moshe Twersky Hy”d, 59, and Druze Border Police officer Zidan Saif, 30, of Kfar Yanouch in the Galil.

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