Yeshivah Security Bill Gains Super-Majority in NYC Council

BROOKLYN (Hamodia Staff) -

A bill introduced to the New York City Council received super majority support this week, with 45 of the 51 members co-sponsoring NYPD School Safety Agent.

The bill, introduced by Councilman David Greenfield, would require the NYPD to assign a school safety agent to any public or private school that requests one. School safety agents guard the entrances to schools, register all visitors, and serve as front line for security for schools.

While they do not carry guns, school safety agents have a direct line to the NYPD via their radio communications. Currently, only public schools have these officers.

The bill will be sent to the Public Safety Committee for a hearing, followed by a vote in the full Council.

“The importance of this bill is obvious: Schools have sadly become targets for violence and all too often we see tragedies at schools in the United States and across the world,” Greenfield said in a statement. “All students deserve safe and protected learning environments.”

“Our city has an obligation to keep every one of our children safe, regardless of what kind of school they attend,” said Councilman Mark Levine, chair of the Jewish Caucus.