Widows of Har Nof Terror Victims Call for ‘International Tefillin And Candle-Lighting Days’

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

To honor the memories of the victims of the brutal attack in a Har Nof synagogue on November 18, the widows and families of three of the victims are urging Jews around the world to participate in “International Tefillin and Candle-Lighting Days” on December 18 and 19.

As part of the project, which will coincide with the sheloshim (the 30-day period after a death)of the victims, the widows are encouraging Jewish adult men to don tefillin and say the Shema prayer on Thursday, December 18. It is a symbolic and spiritual gesture in honor of the victims, each of whom was wearing tefillin and in the midst of their morning prayers when the terrorists struck.

Shema, the most well-known prayer in Judaism, was the last prayer that the victims had completed before being murdered.

In addition, Jewish women are urged to light Shabbat candles before sunset, just after lighting the Chanukah candles, on Friday, December 19.

The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI), which is backing the project, is asking other Jewish organizations to participate.

For more information about the International Tefillin and CandleLighting Days, contact Rabbi Yakov Couzens, NCYI Director of Outreach and Development, at 212-929-1525 x101or via email at ryc@youngisrael.org.

For information on how to properly put on tefillin or light Shabbat or Chanukah candles, contact Young Israel.

The project is endorsed by Mrs. Chaya Levin and family, Mrs. Bryna Goldberg and family, and Mrs. Yaacova Kupensky and family, of Har Nof.