Chanukah Campaign For Jonathan Pollard

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Lumiere sur Pollard (Spotlight on Pollard), the French activist group for the release of Jonathan Pollard, has called for a worldwide united Chanukah campaign for Jonathan Pollard.

They are asking that every night for each of the eight lights of Chanukah, beginning this Tuesday night, Jews throughout the world should put a small coin or two, or any amount you wish into a “pushke” in the merit of Jonathan Pollard.

As you put the coin or coins into the tzedakah box make a brief declaration of intent and then pray for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard and his speedy return home to Israel, alive and in good health.

For example:

Declaration of intent: “ I am giving these coins to tzedakah in the merit of Yehonasan ben Malka (Jonathan Pollard).”

Prayer: “May Hashem have mercy on Yehonatan ben Malka and give him a refuah shleimah (a full recovery to complete health) and may he be speedily released from prison and returned home to the Land of Israel to light his own Chanukah lights at home with his wife in Jerusalem. Now. Without delay!  Amen! May it indeed be Your will!”