Syria: IAF Bombards 3 Locations Near Damascus


After many long months of quiet, Israeli Air Force planes once again targeted Syrian Army sites near the capital of Damascus, according to reports in Syrian media. At about 5 p.m. yesterday, six planes coming from the west conducted extensive airstrikes, in broad daylight, on warehouses containing stockpiles of merchandise and weapons near the airport that serves Assad’s army.

Yerushalayim did not respond to the accusations and ignored the reports aired on Syrian media.

Hamodia’s reporter notes that the Syrians gave extensive coverage to the story, including video clips that purportedly depicted the air strikes. The Syrians claim that the strikes were against Syrian Army targets with the intention of helping the rebels against Assad, and even Islamic State. “By doing this, Israel shows that it is directly involved in…helping terrorists,” an analyst on the Syrian media station commented.
The commander of the Free Syrian Army, one of the largest rebel groups fighting Assad, said last night that he believes that “Israel was the one who acted from the air against the shipment of new SA300 rockets that was en route to Hizbullah.”

Recently, many reports have been aired about the fact that the Iranians ordered and funded for Hizbullah the acquisition of SA300 batteries, which were expected to arrive in the near future on a flight from Moscow to Lebanon, via Syria. Israel tried to pressure Russia not to transfer missiles into terrorist hands, but until now, Yerushalayim was not convinced that Moscow would accede to its requests.

According to the reports from yesterday, Israeli aircraft dropped 10 bombs on military targets near the roads that are used to transport the missiles from Syria to Lebanon. There do not seem to have been any casualties, but there was extensive property damage. The secondary explosions were heard throughout the Syrian capital and in the surrounding villages. Most of the damage was to warehouses in the military airport in Dimas, west of Damascus.

The spokesman for the Syrian Army said that some of the planes came from the direction of Quneitra and others from southern Syria, crossing the city of Dara’a in the south. The spokesman added that if Israel thinks that such attacks will prevent Assad’s regime from continuing to attack terrorist organizations that act against him, it is mistaken.

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