A Saga of Survival


Hamodia’s office on Wednesday was graced with a visit by two remarkable women who left everyone present with much food for thought — and a desire to give, to help, to do. When Mrs. Devorie Neuman’s first husband, z”l, became ill, the family rose to the challenge with unparalleled grace, not wanting to accept help from anyone. With a houseful of small children, however, and two lost incomes, at a certain point Mrs. Neuman was forced to allow representatives of RCCS — Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society — become involved.

The enormous gratitude Mrs. Neuman continues to have to RCCS has turned her into one of the organization’s most vital forces. On Wednesday, she brought Mrs. Tamara Kleinberger, cancer survivor, to inspire the Hamodia workforce with an amazing personal story of courage, emunah and bitachon.

When Mrs. Kleinberger was diagnosed with cancer, her initial reaction was “But Yom Tov is coming.” Unbelievably, her doctor readily agreed to postpone surgery for a couple of months. Baruch Hashem, her family intuited immediately that imminent treatment was necessary, but were unsure how to proceed. That’s when the simple question “Have you called RCCS?” turned things around.

Reb Berel Kleinberger, Mrs. Kleinberger’s husband, contacted the RCCS offices and an application was faxed to him before he had even ended the call. Over the ensuing months Mrs. Kleinberger endured multiple surgeries, eventually reaching her shocking 20th procedure.

Each one meant working through endless amounts of red tape, switching insurances, finding the right doctors, etc. Thanks to RCCS, the Kleinberger family was able to concentrate on one thing only: their wife and mother. Everything else was taken care of by the angels of chessed at the other end of the RCCS phone lines. B’chasdei Hashem, Mrs. Kleinberger is now a cancer survivor, telling her story with humor and wit while still eliciting more than a few tears.

On Monday, Dec. 15, RCCS will hold its annual Chinese auction drawing. Rather than an elaborate affair in a hall, RCCS’s event is a live drawing, complete with music and entertainment that can be heard at 1-877-332-2808. Each individual raffle ticket costs $10, with an additional offering of a Grand Prize and “Split the Pot” — past winners have taken home half of more than $300,000.

A panel of renowned speakers, including Mr. Charlie Harary, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein and Judge Daniel Butler will be featured during the auction. Also scheduled is a fun-filled entertainment program featuring the biggest Jewish music stars. Prizes include trips, furniture, jewelry, toys, cash… and, of course, the best prize is knowing your hard-earned dollars are going to help fellow members of Klal Yisrael.

Mrs. Neuman is presently looking for people in Boro Park and Flatbush to “open the door” for RCCS in those communities. In the next week, prior to the auction, anyone who can offer to host a gathering of their friends to tell them about RCCS and distribute auction booklets is asked to call immediately; the size or aesthetics of your home does not matter, says Mrs. Neuman — only the size of your heart.

For more information, call Mrs. Devorie Neuman at 347-631-6986.

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