Terrorist Admits Rundown of Soldiers Was Attack, Not Accident

What was clear to everyone else from the first minute was confirmed with finality yesterday: the rundown attempt of three soldiers in Yehudah and Shomron three weeks ago was a terrorist attack and not an accident.

Hamam Masalama, the driver of the vehicle that ran down three IDF soldiers near their pillbox lookout station at Al Aroub, in Gush Etzion, who claimed that it was an innocent accident and not a premeditated attack, broke down and admitted yesterday in a GSS interrogation that indeed it had been planned. He carried as an attempt to copycat what he had seen earlier that day, when a driver plowed into a light rail stop in Yerushalayim.

The 23-year-old Hamas terrorist from the Chevron area who carried out the attack in his commercial vehicle three weeks ago confessed and replayed the incident. He also linked himself to other attacks that he took part in.

Since the attack, Masalama insisted that it had been an accident, so much so that even the security officials were ready to accept his explanations. But further investigation and repeated interrogations brought him to finally confess the truth — including his motivations. He took interrogators to the site and showed them exactly when and how he had decided to act.

Security officials met with the parents of the three wounded soldiers yesterday; their sons are still hospitalized, and some are in serious condition. The officials reported on the developments and informed the parents that the terrorist will be put on trial for his actions.