Israeli Driver Saved From Mob by Arabs


Late Sunday night, Moshe German, 49, was nearly lynched by masked assailants at the entrance to Taibe on Route 444 as he was driving home from Netanya.

“I came back from work in Netanya. When I came to the stoplight, they stopped me and tried to talk to me, but I didn’t understand a word because I don’t speak Arabic. So, they started throwing stones at my car and then set it on fire. A few Arabs helped me get out of the car, from the passenger side,” he told Army Radio on Monday.

“I was afraid I was going to die and the car was about to go up in flames any second. Suddenly, someone pulled me out of the car and put me into his car that had his children in it. He saved my life.”

German said it was a “miracle” that he survived with only a few scratches, not even requiring medical treatment.

Eric Bermi, the director of the government council that oversees Taibe’s municipal services, said the incident it was an exception to the rule.

“Taibe is quiet and calm. Everything bad that happens they try and put on Taibe. That’s not something that happens only in this city. It happened in the north, in Yerushalayim, in Wadi Ara, but its easier to single out Taibe. Today we will hold conversations with senior members of the community to prevent these things from happening. The truth is, I feel safer here than in Akko. The people here are not extremists.”

However, German later had critical words for the local police, who had taken no action to deal with Arabs rioting on the main road, not even warning approaching drivers of the dangers ahead.

“On the road I saw a police car blocking the road and I thought that there had been an accident. I carried on driving — and the police did not stop me or tell me anything.”

Despite reports of a high police alert on Sunday, no such alert was evident in Taibe.

“The police stood to one side and did nothing,” local residents said. “They are not functioning. They are standing to one side and doing nothing. What do we have police for?”

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