De Blasio Unveils Plan for Troubled Public Schools


Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled his plan to help some of New York City’s struggling public schools on Monday, pledging to lengthen school days by an hour, conduct more training for teachers and create more parental involvement.

De Blasio is earmarking $150 million over the next two years for the effort to save 94 struggling schools. But the Democrat, who spent last year’s campaign criticizing his predecessor’s policy of closing failing schools, left the door open that he too would close schools if they failed to improve.

“We will move heaven and earth to help them succeed but we will not wait forever,” de Blasio said. “Holding schools accountable is critical — because all of the reform plans in the world will make little difference if there are no consequences for failing.”

De Blasio said the schools that receive new funding would be allowed up to three years to try a variety of methods to show improvement before closing proceedings would commence.