Tax Returns: Christie, Wife Made $698,838 In 2013


Gov. Chris Christie and his wife reported nearly $700,000 in income last year, a significant jump from 2012, according to tax returns released Friday by his office.

The returns show the Christies made $698,838 in 2013 — over $200,000 more than the $478,977 in income they reported in 2012. They paid $193,510 in federal and state taxes, the records show.

The Republican governor’s wife, Mary Pat, has long been the bigger income-earner in the family, thanks to her high-paying Wall Street jobs.

The returns show she earned $475,854 working part-time as a director at Angelo, Gordon & Co., an investment advising firm. She also was paid $34,698 by her former employer, Cantor Fitzgerald, as part of a partnership paid out over five years.

The governor, meanwhile, reported $160,054 in taxable income from the state of New Jersey, similar to previous years. Christie’s annual salary is $175,000, but he invests a portion in a 401(k) retirement fund each year.

Christie, who is considering+++ a run for the White House in 2016, has often joked about the income disparity between him and his wife.

“Listen, I just have three words for you: joint checking account,” he has been quoted as telling the audience at a town hall meeting. “That money all lands in the same place … . It’s fine by me.”

The returns also show the couple paid $38,316 in property taxes, gave $29,260 to charity and claimed four dependent children.