NY Expands Menu to Graduate High School


New York education leaders on Monday endorsed a plan to give students more flexibility in how they earn their high school diplomas with the goal of improving graduation rates and career readiness.

The Board of Regents agreed that instead of passing five Regents exams to graduate — one each in English, science and math and two in history — students should be able to choose a 4 + 1 option and replace one of the history exams with an exam in their chosen career field, such as science or the arts.

Instead of the second history exam, students pursuing so-called STEM careers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics could, for example, substitute a passing grade on a second math exam. Or they could pass an approved Career and Technical Education test in a field such as accounting, metal working or hotel management or prove their skills in the arts, humanities or a foreign language, officials said.

The change would take effect with current seniors.