NYC Training Workers for Possible Ebola Arrival


New York City will offer specialized training on how to handle Ebola cases to the city workers who could be at the front lines if the deadly disease were found in the country’s largest city.

Top city officials will meet Monday with the leadership of the Municipal Labor Committee, an umbrella group that represents more than 300,000 public employees, to review the city’s strategy with battling any Ebola cases. Those expected to attend include firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians and nurses.

“These are the people who will be in harm’s way,” Harry Nespoli, head of the Municipal Labor Committee, said Sunday. “Let’s hope to G-d we never have to deal with it, but what this city is doing is preparing for the worst just in case.”

The city’s health commissioner said the city’s status as a haven for immigrants and center for international travel could put it at risk. Officials are planning a public service announcement campaign to reassure New Yorkers that the disease is not easily transmittable.