Miracle in Nachal Oz: Armed Gaza Terrorist Captured

Again and again it is becoming clear that the state of alert on the border with the Gaza Strip is not in top form and that terrorists are successfully infiltrating into Israel — and going large distances from the border carrying lethal weapons.

A potential tragedy was averted yesterday in Kibbutz Nachal Oz and Moshav Shokda in the Gaza periphery region, when a Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife and a rifle was able to bypass the security fence from the Gaza Strip. Only after he was deep in Israeli territory was he detected and captured by the security officer of Moshav Shokda, who handed him over to the army.

The IDF and police force launched an investigation to discover how it happened that the terrorist not only bypassed the fence, but first entered Kibbutz Nachal Oz, wandered through the farms but found nothing of interest to carry out his attack on, and then continued on foot for two more hours. He traversed seven kilometers to Moshav Shokda, and only there was he noticed by residents, who alerted the security officer, who captured him.

As of last night, the security forces did not relate if it was a terrorist who had infiltrated through a tunnel or if he had somehow succeeded in scaling the fence and walking a great distance in Israel before being apprehended.

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