Christie Tired of GWB Inquiry


Gov. Chris Christie says he’s growing tired of the legislative committee investigating politically motivated lane closures near the George Washington Bridge last year.

Speaking at a news conference Thursday in Trenton, Christie blasted the Democrat-controlled committee — including its co-chairman Assemblyman John Wisniewski — for leaking documents to the media.

“If they can’t run their own ship, they shouldn’t be running an investigation,” he told reporters, accusing committee Democrats of being more interested in getting their names in the newspapers than finding the truth.

“These are people who are addicted to MSNBC and the front page of your papers, and nobody wants to cover it anymore,” he told reporters. “So they have to leak something to be able to get someone to cover it.”

Reacting to the comments, Wisniewski said the governor’s office had refused to turn over some requested documents, which he said “flies in the face of his pledge to cooperate fully.”

He added that he’s “as frustrated as anybody about the leaks” but that they don’t impact the committee’s work.

“We have clear proof that an abuse of power originated in the governor’s office,” Wisniewski said. “What we don’t know is why and who authorized it. And any attempt to end the investigation prematurely is an effort to condone that conduct.”

Christie says he played no role in the plot. “The fact is that they’ve been digging around for eight months now and have found absolutely nothing that contradicts what I said,” he said.