Rabbi Yosef Elias, z”l

(Hamodia Staff) —

As we went to print, we learned of the petirah of Rabbi Joseph Elias.  The niftar,  z”l, was the founder and longtime menahel of the Rika Breuers Teachers Seminary of the Washington Heights kehillah.

Rabbi Elias was a great expositor of Hirschian machshavah. Through his influence as an educator and his translations of Harav Hirsch’s The Nineteen Letters, Rabbi Elias was a formative figure in shaping postwar Orthodoxy. Many of his talmidos went on to become influential mechanchos.

The levayah will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley boy’s building in Suffern and the kevurah will be in the Breuer’s kehillah beis hachaim in Clifton, NJ. A fuller treatment is planned for the weekly edition of Hamodia.

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