Ferguson-Area Businesses Cope With Aftermath of Weekend Riot

DELLWOOD, Mo. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT) -

Ferguson-area businesses grappled Monday with the aftermath of weekend looting that left windows shattered and store shelves empty.

Among those striving to put things in order was Zisser Tire & Auto, where workers spent the day installing plywood over the shattered remains of massive glass panels that once bordered the showroom on three sides.

Owner John Zisser said looters nabbed display wheels and tires along with a customer’s car. They would have taken more — after breaking into a warehouse in back — but police showed up in time to stop them, he said.

Zisser was left shaken by the events.

“I don’t understand,” Zisser said. “We’ve never had black-white issues here in the store.”

A quick survey of the damaged businesses suggests a pattern focused on auto parts suppliers, cellular phone stores, payday loan offices, beauty shops and larger retailers such as Walmart, Family Dollar and Toys R Us.