Alexander Rebbe Sponsors Chessed in Ashdod Under Fire

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

For cities and towns in southern Israel that have been under frequent rocket and mortar attack for three weeks now, the amount of time spent in bomb shelters and other protected areas has become significant, and getting out to go shopping and preparing normal meals has often been difficult.

The Alexander Rebbe of America has seized on the situation as an opportunity to perform a unique chessed and is providing fully cooked, home-delivered nourishing meals, once a day to residents of Ashdod who request them.

As many portions as needed are delivered to the door (the recipient just has to send down someone to take it from the van that pulls up in front). They charge a nominal one shekel per meal during the week; two meals are provided for Shabbos at 3 shekels each (but no cholent).

One Ashdod beneficiary of the Rebbe’s program told Hamodia: “My son, his wife and the six children who are home (four boys away in yeshivah) get eight meals for eight shekels — full menu.”

Last week their budget was 300,000 shekels. The program is set to continue as long as rockets continue landing in Ashdod.