Camps in Liberty Present Township with $26K Donation


A group of 13 Jewish camps located in Liberty Township on Wednesday presented the town clerk with $26,000 in checks for projects geared for the local population, which one of the organizers said was an appreciation for their continued friendship over the years.

Rabbi Meir Frischman, the director of Camp Agudah in Ferndale, which is in Liberty, told Hamodia on Thursday that each camp brought a $2,000 check to the ceremony in the town hall.

The gift was accepted by clerk Laurie Dutcher, who said the village will probably use it to restart the tradition of fireworks at the Labor Day festival.


The village of Liberty prides itself as being the cradle of the American Revolution. Its several million-dollars-a-year budget could not cover the fireworks display these past few years. Rabbi Frischman said that out of 22 camps in the village, 13 contributed to the donation, which will pay for the sparklers.

The rest of the money will go toward other yet-to-be-named projects to benefit the local community.

“The Jewish camps wanted to do something for the town in appreciation for all that they do for us,” he said.