Entreating the True Protector

As rocket barrages continue to be fired deep into Eretz Yisrael, the Israeli government announced late Thursday that it had ordered the IDF to begin a ground operation whose purpose is to damage the tunnels that terrorists have constructed in Gaza, leading into Israeli territory.

Our brethren in Eretz Yisrael, both the soldiers who are putting their lives at great risk by entering an area controlled by deadly terrorists and the thousands of other soldiers who are massed near the border, as well as millions of civilians throughout the land, are in need of Divine protection.

Ultimately, their fate lies not in the strength of their armor, the sophistication of their weaponry, the reliability of their intelligence or the wisdom of their planning. Their fate – like that of all of creation – lies solely in the Hands of our Creator.

As Dovid Hamelech stated in a perek of Tehillim that we recite each weekday morning, “Some with chariots, some with horses, but we in the Name of Hashem … we call out.”

It is the sacred obligation of Jews throughout the world to intensify our tefillos and increase our study of Torah and acts of chessed as  a zechus for acheninu bnei Yisrael.