IDF Briefs Palestinians on Civil Defense Precautions


IDF officers have not had such an absurd encounter for a long time. Senior officials in the civilian administration and Homefront Defense met on Tuesday in the Chevron area with local Palestinian leaders to brief them on how to protect themselves from missiles fired by their fellow Palestinians in Gaza, who are not known for their accurate aim.

During the past week it became clear that Palestinians in Yehudah and Shomron are also within range of the terrorist projectiles. On Monday, residents of the Chevron neighborhood of Abu Senina found themselve under rocket attack. A house was damaged but no was inside at the time.

The Israeli officials handed their Palestinian contacts civil defense materials with instructions for how to conduct oneself during an air raid. Due to a general lack of protected rooms in the local homes, they were advised to seek shelter in the innermost room of their house.

They also noted that local Palestinians have not been complying with civil defense guidelines and, instead of taking cover, hundreds have gone out to the sites of rocket landings, thus exposing themselves to danger.