Massive Search Underway in London for Missing Boy

Asher Shekenofsky, 15, of London’s Edgware neighborhood, has been missing since leaving his home at 7:15 p.m.

last Friday.  The London Metropolitan Police have labeled the case as “high risk.”

Ari Bookey, of London’s Shomrim, told Hamodia of the massive efforts that are being coordinated to locate the missing teenager.   “We have been searching the streets. We sent out 10,000 leaflets thought the area.  We also sent 15,000 emails and 10,000 texts.” Bookey said that the police are doing “all that they can,” employing a tracking system that can be used to follow
the movements of individuals through London’s bus system.

Sunday afternoon, Shomrim organized 300 volunteers to search for Shekenofsky at a concert in London’s Hyde Park.  The event was expected to have approximately 30,000 attendees, but as we go to print, sources close to the situation had strong hopes of the boy being in the area.

Anybody with information should contact Shomrim’s 24- hour hotline at 0300 999 1234.